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Rua Wikio-Goodwin

September 2013

It's probably typical now for a story like this to come out but basically as kids we used to travel down the tunnels underground before they caved the wall in and spray paint before school. Back in those days there was more to explore underground and with each step it felt like a new adventure. Anyway one day we wagged first period and decided to do the usual smoke cigarettes, smash bottles (regular teenage behaviour) when we heard a loud scream come from the end of a corridor.


Now by nature being young, most of us were scared already but one of the older boys encouraged us to investigate further so we walked slowly towards the noise. Each doorway, anyone who's been inside, especially below the power station, feels like someone's going to jump out and stab you or something.

78 - South Fremantle Power Station Tunnels

Anyway, so at this point we were riddled with fear. As we approached the end of the hallway, we saw a room lit with candles and an ominous chanting coming from inside. We walked in and to our discomfort noticed 2 women kneeling on the floor who were almost completely naked, from memory but covered in blood and a man standing in the middle. The mad was hooded and was also border line COVERED in blood. There was a dead goat inside which explained the awful smell we noticed earlier and hopefully the answer to where the blood came from.

South Fremantle Power Station Pagan Event with a Hooden Man and Dead Goat

All around the room were symbols and the star of David I believe it's called. I dunno, the bad one with the demonic circle. As much as it all sounds made up, I wish it was. The moment that followed, still gets me to this day when I turn the light of in the kitchen. A mate of mine called the guy a pedo or a freak from memory and as he did the guy turned around stared into his soul and my mate just screamed like a child. He then ran, which triggered all of us to snap out of it and run. We sprinted making 1 or 2 wrong turns along the way, all the way back up to the surface and tried to lock whatever hell. We stumbled across up with it pulling rocks up and tossing them into the staircase but just as we were, security came and told us to get out of here and go to school. We told the guard what happened and he just blew us off.


The following day at school that's all we spoke about. Everyone thought we were crazy or that we just make it up but to this day there are at least 5 grown ass men with trades or jobs who will admit to this happening and being one of the most haunting experiences ever.

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